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Elevated Wellness is your source for quality CBD shipped, delivered, or readily available for curbside or in-store pickup. Located at 4700 W. Guadalupe St. Unit A6 in Austin, we offer a safe, natural, and progressive path to better health and wellness. Federally legal, extensively researched, hemp-derived CBD continues to gain recognition as an effective remedy for symptoms of chronic pain, inflammation, sleep issues, anxiety, epilepsy, acne, and more.

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Our company was founded by pharmacists in direct response to mislabeling of CBD products. We’ve achieved the goal of developing name-brand alternatives in FDA-regulated facilities. Through ISO-5 and USP-800 certified laboratories, Elevated Wellness offers a diversity of options our clients can completely trust.

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Recent testing completed by the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine found that 70% of 84 CBD products were inaccurately labeled, with 26% containing less CBD than indicated. When you shop with Elevated Wellness, you know what you’re getting. Our line of CBD edibles, concentrates, flower, tinctures, and topicals are third-party tested, the cannabinoid content verified, and come with a full money-back guarantee. We welcome loyal and new customers from all across Austin, TX.

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