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People across Austin metro & surrounding areas are discovering the many therapeutic properties of exceptional quality of hemp-derived CBD from Elevated Wellness. We make sure you not only find the right choice for your needs but have confidence in what you’re buying. All of our brand name CBD products are developed according to FDA regulations in ISO-5 and USP-800 certified laboratories. They are third-party tested and come with money back guarantee.

For your CBD needs, trust in our products!

The staff at Elevated Wellness are your knowledgeable guides. We’re happy to answer any questions, address concerns and help navigate our many options. Whether you’re curious about CBD or know your preferences, we look forward to working with you toward superior quality of life.  Feel free to reach out to us at 512-382-1200. Browse on-line or in-store and visit us at one of our welcoming, convenient and accessible locations across Austin, TX.

High-Quality CBD Products from Elevated Wellness

  • Concentrates – Offering a very high level of cannabidiol, concentrates provide a higher dose of CBD very quickly, delivering possible benefits as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and for arthritis pain treatment, appetite control and more.
  • Edibles – Foods containing CBD offer a convenient, tasty and discrete delivery method for therapeutic reasons such as pain management and relief from depression or anxiety.
  • Flower – CBD from the hemp flower provides neuroprotective qualities, and with quick onset of effects, can help with headaches and muscle pain. There are indications that smoking hemp flower reduces depression, anxiety and inflammation and so much more.
  • Tinctures – A few drops under the tongue for 90 seconds to two minutes allows the majority of the tincture to be absorbed by the blood vessels in the mouth for rapid onset effect, which is helpful for quick relief from acute conditions.
  • Topical – CBD topicals are applied directly to the skin, have a pleasant smell and are used for localized benefits from blemish-free skin to reducing inflammation and managing arthritis pain.

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