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Forbes – The New Reefer Madness?

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Elevated Wellness Products Reviewed By CBD Science

In a world that’s quickly becoming inundated with CBD products, it’s important to choose a brand that uses high-quality ingredients crafted by professionals.
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Legalities Around Delta-8 THC

Delta-8 THC is disrupting the world of hemp in a significant way.
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Sweet Jane Magazine – What is Delta-8

What is Delta-8? The hemp and cannabis plant’s controversial compound

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Green Entrepreneur – A Pharmacist Defends the Use of Delta-8

The much-maligned cannabis compound can be used safely and effectively.

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How to Read CBD Labels and Lab Test Results

CBD products have become increasingly popular over the last few years, popping up everywhere from health stores to gas stations.

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Ultimate Guide to Delta-8-THC Benefits

Delta-8-THC is quickly disrupting the cannabis world, thanks to its unique properties across the cannabinoid spectrum.

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Are CBD Franchises the Next Wave in the Industry?

Franchises have been around since the 1920s. But it wasn’t until the late 1950s and 1960s that the idea of franchises really took off.

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Luv N Cann podcast

Dr. Chris Adlakha – Part 1
Dr. Chris Adlakha – Part 2

Eat This – 5 best new CBD products to add to your diet

From gummies to chocolates, here are our top picks!

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Green Entreprenuer – How to know if your CBD is safe

The CBD industry is powerfully disrupting pharmaceuticals. Instead of turning to traditional over-the-counter medications, people are discovering the healing properties of CBD through pain creams, capsules, tinctures, and edibles.

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Rolling Stone – How some THC is Legal — For Now

Delta-8-THC — a less-potent cousin of famed Delta-9-THC — is legal enough to sell in most states. But how does it work? And will the DEA shut it down?

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CBD Today – 5 things every CBD product retailer must understand

As any established brand already should know, cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid widely known for its healing benefits. The compound has been shown to ease symptoms of anxiety, depression, and pain while signaling the body’s relaxation response, according to studies.

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Cannabis.net: The Top 5 CBD Brands of 2020

CBD is a powerful compound with a host of exciting and impactful benefits. It can help reduce anxiety, ease pain and help you focus more on important tasks. Unlike its cousin, THC..

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Leafreport: Is Pharmaceutical-Grade CBD Safer than Retail?

Should you be buying your CBD products at a pharmacy? Consumers are concerned about the safety of their CBD products due to the lack of research and testing conducted by relevant authorities…

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Cannabis Patient Care: How Cannabis is Helping Veterans with PTSD

At Elevated Wellness, we understand the current confusion and skepticism around CBD and hemp products. Our company was founded by a team of pharmacists to bring the highest quality and most effective CBD products to the current market…

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Why Trust Elevated

Can CBD Help Me? Getting the Facts Straight with Dr. Chris Adlakha

CBD is a natural wellness supplement that can provide increased health and wellness benefits to anyone but the key is choosing the right type of CBD based on ones individual needs…

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Incorporating CBD Into your Daily Life

Each day, you do a few things to help yourself feel good and stay healthy. Whether your wellness routine includes multiple steps and products or involves just simple skin and dental care, the routine helps you get through the day…

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5 Ways to Incorporate CBD in your Daily Wellness Routine

CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in cannabis plants and the second most abundant active ingredient. Unlike THC, CBD does not have psychoactive effects but is instead used to promote physical relaxation…

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Best CBD products to Integrate Into Your Routine

With the coronavirus epidemic still raging, this Fall may be brutal. Learn how you can incorporate the benefits of CBD and its alternative method of wellness in your daily routine to feel more relaxed and live stress free…

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I Tested 3 Different CBD Oils so You Don’t Have to

My mind was a bit clearer as I was trying to fall asleep…

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CBD Health and Wellness

Based in Austin, Texas, Elevated Wellness is the handiwork of pharmacists on a mission: to produce the “absolute highest quality cannabinoid products” and provide an alternative to “harmful chemicals”…

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Elevated Wellness Launches Pharmacist Formulated CBD Pain Creams

Elevated Wellness, a CBD company founded by health care professionals, has launched a line of pain creams produced in FDA-regulated compounding pharmacies that exemplify the medicinal qualities of CBD…

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Elevated Wellness CBD Pain Cream with Pure Full Spectrum Hemp Debuts

Founded and run by industry-leading healthcare professionals, Elevated Wellness is a Texas-based CBD Company that creates all its products in federally regulated facilities, using high-quality US-grown organic hemp.

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Improve Your Mental Health with Better Sleep

Formulated to enhance overall sleep quality, this melatonin-infused 2000mg CBD isolate tincture is formulated with only the highest quality CBD from hemp to help calm your nerves…

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Healthy Not High Youtube

Emerald Magazine Unboxing Video

Pharmacy-Grade CBD Brand Launches Franchise

Elevated Wellness differentiates itself from competitors with proprietary sourcing and extraction methods, third-party testing, and products generated within a licensed pharmacy.

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Five Things You Need To Build A Trusted And Beloved Brand

Build a relationship with customers. Our team members, including pharmacists, spend time talking to customers to understand what they have going on in their lives to be better able to suggest products that may help improve the customer’s situation.

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Daniel Britt From Grandavepharmacy.com

Listen now

Elevated Wellness Launches Franchise Concept for CBD Pharmacy-Grade Products

Elevated Wellness, an Austin-based pharmacy-produced CBD brand that harnesses the power of science and the safety of pharmacy licensing to create potent, chemical-free CBD products, is excited to announce the launch of its franchise opportunity.

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Thrive Global – Build a relationship with customers

Build a relationship with customers. Our team members, including pharmacists, spend time talking to customers to understand what they have going on in their lives to be better able to suggest products that may help improve the customer’s situation.

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