Delta 9 SUNRISE Tincture


Elevated Wellness Delta 9 SUNRISE tinctures are superior Sativa Dominant 1:1 D9:CBD tinctures, made from organic mother liquor extracts within our ISO5, USP800 certified compounding labs.  They are rich in Sativa Terpenes that are organic derived, all-natural & kosher certified.  You will NOT be disappointed!

• Delta 9 THC – 150mg total (2.5mg per mL)
• CBD – 150mg total (2.5mg per mL)
• Phytocannabinoid Rich (aka True Full Spectrum)
• Sativa Terpenes


*Your safety is our number one priority, so we full panel test our delta-9 SUNRISE tinctures like we do with any other Elevated products we manufacture and sell, confirming a complete lack of impurities or dangerous chemicals.

*Do NOT operate any heavy machinery while using our Delta 9 tinctures.  Please be respectful of Delta 9’s psychotropic abilities, and consume it in the safety of your own home.  This product may cause drowsiness.  Do not use if pregnant, breastfeeding, under the influence of alcohol or operating heavy machinery.

*This product contains less than .3% Delta-9 THC

Additional Information:

Elevated Wellness Delta 9 SUNRISE tinctures are made with vegan, organic and kosher certified ingredients.We fully ultrasonic homogenize them for perfectly even dosing (as well as a heightened bioavailability and absorption rate); though, we do still suggest shaking the bottle before each use.Note: This tincture contains a heightened level of Delta-9 THC, so please use safely, as well as start low and slow. (start with no more than 1 mL, which could be considered a micro dose)*Delta 9 THC is traditional THC, so it is highly psychotropic.  *Again, please start low and slow!


  • Delta 9 Mother Liquor Extract
  • Premium Ultra Raw Full Spectrum Extract
  • Organic and Kosher Terpene Blend (Sativa Blend)
  • Legal Limit of Delta-9 THC (<0.3%)
  • Premium Grade Organic MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides)


  • + Linalool
  • + d-Limonene
  • + trans-Nerolidol
  • + b-Caryophyllene
  • + delta-3-Carene
  • + beta-Pinene
  • + alpha-Pinene
  • + Terpinolene
  • + gamma-Terpinene
  • + alpha-Bisabolol
  • + alpha-Humulene
  • + p-Cymene
  • + beta-Myrcene

How to Use:


Shake well before each use.  Place 1-2ml under the tongue, hold for 60+ seconds and then swallow.  (Average peak efficacy hits between 2 & 3 hours after dosing.  Some users will experience the peak efficacy earlier, and some later.  It ultimately depends on the user’s unique body chemistry).

Reminder: We recommend starting low and slow.

You can also…• Dose your morning coffee or tea (make sure you have some form of fat in your coffee or tea – MCT oil and Coconut oil works well, or even milk/cream if you don’t mind dairy).  If you do not use some sort of fats in these drinks, do not consume it this way, as it will most likely just pass through your system and not absorb.

• Our highest recommendation is consuming sublingually (through the capillaries under your tongue and in your mouth)



1. Keep at room temperature to preserve freshness (Below 75°F).2. Store away from humidity, heat, and light.
3. Make sure the dropper lid is tightened well between uses

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.*Note: At Elevated Wellness we full panel test our highest concentrated options so the consumer can confirm a complete lack of impurities/contaminants (as they would show up most in our higher concentrated options, if present).  The lower concentrated formulas are simply potency tested to confirm mgs, percentages and a legal compliance of Delta-9 THC.  We will NOT sell anything that shows evidence of even legal limits of contaminants.  We also full panel test our base ingredients before manufacturing for a more fail-safe outcome.  We do everything in our power to create a completely fail-safe environment for our patrons, customers and patients from all types of impurities and contaminants.

Certificate of Analysis

To view the full panel test for our Delta 9 SUNRISE Tinctures, please view the “Delta 9 SUNRISE” COA option through the link above.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.  Thank you! ♥


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