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Meet Elevated CBD Products

Quality You Can Trust

Elevated Wellness is a patient-oriented company dedicated to providing the highest quality CBD, guaranteed to make a meaningful difference in your patients’ lives.

Elevated products are manufactured in only USP 795 and USP 800 compliant laboratories ensuring the consistent quality you can trust. Elevated products are lab tested and results are available to view by simply scanning the QR code located on each and every Elevated product sold. Here, at Elevated Wellness, we stand behind our products and continue to offer a full money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

Inside Our Products

Elevated Wellness prides itself on both quality and innovation, and continues to be the leading CBD brand trusted most by medical professionals.

We are a doctor-owned company that caters only to medical care professionals.
The core of our company is built on our incontestable dedication to quality, innovation, and trust, ensuring your patients are receiving the absolute highest quality products available today.

In order to provide the absolute highest quality Broad Spectrum products, the extracts used in our products must have verified labs tested to confirm adequate percentages of cannabinoids (CBN, CBC, CBG) as well as CBD. Most CBD brands aren’t so cautious — they are motivated more by their bottom line. In fact, recent studies confirm that more than 80% of CBD brands currently on the market have little to no actual cannabinoids! Though astounding, this is due to a lack of regulations.

Your credibility and integrity are at stake when recommending a CBD brand to your patients. Elevated is a company founded by medical care professionals just like yourself so we understand that true value can only be measured by the value we bring to your patients

These brands use CBD from overseas sources with lower purity standards allowing for their manufacturing cost to be up to 100x less than what it costs using quality-verified US growers equipped to provide extracts with the highest unadulterated purity. Synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and even heavy metals are commonly found in products currently on the market not only negating the positive effects of real CBD strains but potentially inducing harm to its user.

Our Process

The Elevated Way
Elevated only uses US grown hemp which though expensive, is held to a much higher standard than poorly sourced international hemp.

We use only CO2 extracted CBD-rich hemp.
Why CO2? This is the only method that preserves all the valuable properties of the plant while eliminating THC.

Lab Testing: Third-party testing that validates:
(1) No synthetic additives, (2) High % cannabinoid yields of CBD AS WELL AS– CBG, CBN, CBC, (3) transparency – QR codes with lab results on each and every product sold.

At Elevated, we know that quality costs and our mission is to provide medical care professionals with the absolute highest quality products while still providing value for their patients and their practice.

The Elevated Process is Made to Ensure:

  • Highest Quality Products
  • Value for Your Patients
  • Value for Your Practice

Average Clinical Revenue

Elevated products are sourced only with a GMP-certified local Colorado organic farm and are guaranteed to have the highest quality and purest strains.

AVG. OIL SALES/DAY 3 | $30.00 6 | $30.00 10 | $30.00
AVG. TOPICAL SALES/DAY 3 | $32.50 3 | $32.50 10 | $32.50
MONTHLY PROFIT $3,187.50 $6,375.00 $10,625.00
ANNUAL PROFIT $38,250.00 $76,500.00 $127,500.00


Private Labeling

Elevated Private Label CBD Partnership Program allows you to profit from the rapidly growing CBD industry while building customer loyalty at a low cost.

  • Low minimum of 24 units per product
  • Custom labels with your logo and company colors
  • Third-party lab reports on every batch
  • QR codes on every label linking to the third-party lab reports

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